Coming down on the break

Just a quick tip I'd like to share about scoring on a fast break.

I was watching an interview with Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis a while back and he talked about how he knows which way to go when he’s coming down the court on a fast break and there’s only one guy in front of him.

He says he looks at the player's legs. If the player's right leg is forward and his left leg is back, he'll go TO THAT SIDE. Meaning he’ll go left, by changing directions and committing to scoring on the left side (the side of the defender’s right foot).

Basically, its harder for the defender to recover to the side which his foot is forward. Think about it, if you were that defender, it would be difficult to step back or back peddle to your right side if your right leg is in front of your left leg, without losing a step.

Monta Ellis also happens to be very fast and a very good finisher; so having those things can’t hurt. ; ) He says doing this will either allow you to score or draw a foul and shoot free throws.

Good luck hope this helps.