The sound of a basketball dribbling...

... the most distinctive sound when you're on the court. Basketball dribbling is the equivalent to walking in basketball; so it only makes sense to learn how to walk good!

Picture a yo-yo dancing and spinning, all the while under control and attached to the string; a good dribbler does the same thing, only through dribbling a basketball.

Strength in your fingertips

Fingertips. Fingertips. Fingertips. You got that yet?

The difference between someone who can hardly bounce a ball without breaking the neighbor's window and a master ball handler is fingertip strength.

Of course, there are other reasons, but this is the most important aspect of basketball dribbling.

Dribble with your FINGERTIPS, not the palm of your hands. Keep your head up, DO NOT look down at the ball. (if you're a beginner, looking down will be second nature, but keep this in mind and you will gradually improve)

If you're always looking down, you won't know whats going on around you!

Start off by bouncing the ball at about waist level and bend your knees slightly, bouncing with one hand at a time.

Focus on using only your fingertips.

THIS is what your fingers should look like after a few games outside and bouncing the ball a few hundred times.

Remember the yo-yo analogy? Well, think of the basketball as an extension of your hand; imagine the ball attached to your fingers by an imaginary thread. You have complete command of the ball no matter what its doing.

After some experience, you will begin to know where the ball will bounce depending on how you bounce it.

Protecting the Ball

Next thing, protecting the ball; protect it like it was your baby. Keep your body between the ball and the defender. Use your off arm (free arm) to shield the ball from the defender. If the defender goes for a steal or gets too close, use your other arm to fend off their arm but not to shove or push.


Make a rule for yourself every time you play: Nobody takes that ball from you while its under your protection.

Make it a little game you play; you don't need to tell anyone. The ability to handle the ball effectively opens up a whole new world out there.

The Crossover Dribble
Get the defender leaning one way, then make him pay!

The Killer Crossover
The killer crossover is one of basketballs most exciting and talked about moves!

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