Basketball Drills

The path to becoming the best basketball player you can be involves repetition of the proper fundamentals/techniques over and over again through basketball drills and practice.

But what does practice consist of exactly? Should it just be doing whatever it is you feel like doing, a little shooting here, a little dribbling there?

basketball drills

If you want RESULTS, you need to work on specific skills in a methodical and repeatable format... basketball DRILLS. The purpose of drills is to have a model in place to work on specific aspects of the game. If you want to be a better shooter, you got to practice shooting thousands of times (if not more!) with the right TECHNIQUE.

Drills not only improve technique, but they train your mind and body to perform without thinking about it. When you practice something over and over, it trains your muscles to do these things instinctively. This is what is referred to as muscle memory, almost like programming your muscles. ;)

Shooting Drills
The hardest work is done in the gym; cancel your plans start shooting to win!

Dribbling Drills
Make the ball a part of your hand; keep it on a string.

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