Basketball Offense: don't take it personally

On defense, your goal is to protect the basket and stop the other team from scoring. Basketball offense is all about ATTACKING.

There are two scenarios for each player on offense, you either have the ball or you don’t. The things you do will vary depending on these two situations.

With the Ball

In a half court set, with the ball in your hands, in that moment, you decide where to move the chess piece.

When you have the ball, you will either:

Have just received a pass and in the triple threat position


You have picked up the dribble and are looking to drive to the basket and score, or create a better shot for a teammate

Without the Ball

Moving without the ball is SO KEY. In fact, it is often neglected or simply forgotten.

Standing around waiting for your teammates to do something is never a good thing. The team is a unit and works as one.

3 aspects of moving without the ball

  1. Moving without the ball – GET OPEN
  2. Cutting to the basket ready to receive the pass, running through screens
  3. Setting screens – HELP YOUR TEAMMATES GET OPEN

Here is an excellent feature that TNT did with Richard “Rip” Hamilton on Moving Without the Ball:

The Triple Threat Position
Before you take a dribble, give 'em a triple threat

Creating Your Own Shot
Make something out of nothing!

The Screen
Set a screen; help a teammate out

The Pick and Roll
The most simple yet effective play in basketball

The Fast Break
Get the rebound and its off to the races!

Run and Gun Basketball
Lots of running, lots of points =O

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