Basketball Passing, don't blink

Unless you’re playing one on one, basketball passing is going to be really important. You might have seen professional basketball games where a team has a player who scores 40 points and still loses. Why? Its because while he was doing all the scoring, the rest of his team was standing around with a bucket of popcorn enjoying the show. The other team moved the ball around and played like a team.

When you pass the ball effectively, you play as a unit and, as a result, everyone gets easier shots.

Chest Pass

There are two main types of basketball passes. First things first. Lets start off with the CHEST PASS.

Hold the ball with BOTH HANDS, one on each side of the ball. Hold it up to your chest, where its almost touching your chest.

Now release the ball outwards, while your hands fling outwards directly. For longer passes, take a step forward for more momentum.

Overhead Pass

Second basketball pass is the overhead pass. Hold the ball with two hands over your head and release the ball forward.

This is a good pass when you are scanning for open defenders and you are outside the 3 point line.

Passing Tips

When passing to a teammate, never look at him or her directly. If you do, your eyes will give you away; defender will read this and know who you’re passing to and will go for a steal.

Always survey the court; notice where all the defenders are positioned and how they are moving; this is the key to minimizing turnovers.

For example, you may have made your mind up to pass to a teammate to your right, but there may also be a defender near the passing lane in a good position to tip or steal the ball.

So make sure your teammate's defender is not in a position to make a steal. LOOK OUT FOR THIS. There will be times when a perfect pass isn’t available; in these situations, remain patient and use your best judgment, but don’t act rashly.

One handed passes are generally not recommended though they can be useful; they are more of an advanced passing technique. The advantage of a one handed pass is that it takes less time and movement to execute and it comes in handy when you’re passing to an open teammate in traffic or on a fast break.

Got the passing down? Learn the pick and roll!

Here's a cool video from NBA on TNT featuring two-time NBA Most Valuable Player Steve Nash giving some valuable tips on passing:

Bounce Pass
Pesky defender in the way? No problem, bounce pass!

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