Basketball Shooting Tips and Offense Tips

Within the area of basketball shooting tips, I will include jump shooting, free throws, driving to the hoop, layups, finishing, etc... basically offensive tips.

Taking it strong to the hoop

When you take it into the lane to score, you can expect some opposition/physical play. Basically, there's going to be contact, the defender is going to do everything he can to make sure you don't score.

When going up for the shot near the basket, go up with TWO FEET in order to absorb the contact. Going up this way gives you more stability and strength in the air.

Also, LEAD WITH YOUR BODY, NOT THE BALL. This is especially important because if you lead with the ball, there's a high probability that your shot's going to get blocked. Lead with the body, absorb contact, finish strong or get fouled.

One thing that helps players finish in these situations is having a strong upper body.

Jump off your toes

When you're going to shoot a jump shot, it's extremely important that you jump off of your toes and not shoot flat footed.

When you're pulling up for a shot, you want to have spring and quickness, a bounce if you may.

Getting Open

When your team is on offense and you don't have the ball, it's your job to get open for a scoring opportunity.

When one of your teammates penetrates, the defense is going to react. Defensive players will either go to guard your teammate or their attention will be diverted towards the attacking offensive player.

This is your chance to move/cut to an open spot on the floor so you can receive the pass for a high percentage shot. Remember, when defenders are converging on a single point or must leave their defensive assignment to help, someone is going to be open; there's going to be an open spot on the court. It's up to you to be alert and recognize that.

This is why its a good idea as a team to have good spacing on the floor and SPREAD OUT.

The Floater

When you're driving down the lane to score in heavy traffic, you're going to meet some nasty opposition. (Someone's gonna try to block you!!) This is the perfect opportunity to use "the floater."

The floater is basically a one handed shot that you release quickly and with a high arc. No matter how big or strong the shot blocker is, he can't block your shot if you release the ball BEFORE he gets there, meaning you release the ball ON THE WAY UP.

Practice this shot while imagining a defender is flying at you or trying to block your shot in the lane. Oftentimes, the floater is a quick release shot so you'll almost want to push it upwards.

Use the rim as a defender

Say you're driving baseline (parallel to and almost underneath the backboard), or you're on a fast break and there's a defender trailing you or getting trying to block your shot. Go up for the shot on the REVERSE side of the hoop, hence a reverse layup.

If there was a defender on your trail, the rim will keep him from blocking your shot.

The two keys to this technique are:

  • going up with one hand, fast break layup style
  • speed, timing is key, if you're too slow, someone's gonna catch up

Handling the double team

If you have the ball and you're about to get double teamed, get rid of the ball (safely) OR dribble away from the double team. This involves ANTICIPATING the double team, meaning you see it coming. The worst thing to do when you're getting double teamed is to terminate your dribble.

If you're posting up and you see the double team coming, pass to an open teammate, spin away from the double team and score, or simply dribble away from the double team.

Use the backboard

That's right, USE IT! Its there for a reason. Using the backboard in the painted area or on a layup increases your chances of making the shot dramatically.

Especially underneath or in around the basket, use the backboard or go underhanded. Going up overhanded right under the basket creates a high degree of difficulty shot.

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